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Facts of BRS

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We believe that every student has unique advantages and, during the school admission process, look not only at scores but focus on the individual’s overall performance and abilities. We will arrange an entrance examination for students, but use the scores as a reference tool only. The entrance examination includes English and Mathematics testing. After testing, we will arrange an interview that includes assessing the students’ and independent thinking and oral English ability. We are happy to arrange international course presentations and entrance examinations from March throughout the school year.

Our school accepts age-appropriate students from various provinces and cities. We also accept Non-Beijing Residential students.

We accept transfer students and are happy to schedule a testing time with an admissions consultant.

Schedule of Tuition Fees

1. Senior High School:
Tuition fees vary by curriculum system: 220,000-240,000 RMB/year (tuition fees only)

2. Junior High School: 191,000 RMB/year (tuition fees only)

3. Elementary School:

Comprehensive Academics Class: 119,000 RMB/year (tuition fees only);

Class of PYP Co-Teaching: 155,000 RMB/year (tuition fees only);

4. Kindergarten:

Classic Class: 6,800 RMB/month;

International Class: 11,000 RMB/month;

Montessori International Class: 13,000 RMB/month

Campus Life

Junior grade students could commute to school every day. BRS recommends senior grade students live on campus in order to develop the independence needed to prepare to study abroad. Boarding students usually can leave school on Friday afternoon and must return Sunday afternoon. For non-Beijing resident students who often cannot return home for the weekends, BRS will provide self-study sessions and arrange outings. Cafeteria service is available on a limited basis during the weekends.

The BRS Student Clubs Association was founded in 2012, and now there are 34 student-led clubs ranging from academic fields and art, to sports and social welfare.


Art Clubs:

CLOWN Dancing Club, Hot Music Band Club, Shakespeare Drama Club, Piano Club, Cartoon Research Club, Photography Club, Film Club, Flower Arranging Club, DJ Club, Hosting Class, Folk Music club, Music Production Club, Etiquette Club


Academic Clubs:

Model UN Club, Programming Club, Psychology Club, Debate Club, Robot Club, Coffee Tasting Club, Animation Producing Club, Economic Club, Safe Study Abroad Club, USAD Club, Critical Thinking Club,


Welfare Clubs:

COSY Club, READY Club, STARS Club, Education Equality Club, Warm-heart Volunteer Team


Sport Clubs:

Nunchakus Club, Badminton Club, Soccer Club, Racing Club, NightClawler Club

We provide nutritious food for kindergarten and elementary school students in our cafeterias. For middle school and high school students Chinese traditional foods are offered as well as select international cuisine. Packaged food and drinks are available over the counter, and vending machines throughout the middle and high school buildings offer snack items as well. BRS has also recently added a coffee venue which is much enjoyed by staff as well as the older student population.

Style and Advantage

Excellent teachers are the root of high-quality education and our teacher staffing percentages are as follows: 40% foreigner teachers, 40% returnee teachers, and 20% bilingual teachers. We provide our teachers with opportunities for furthering their own education. In fact, we have 150 teachers who are taking the WIDEWORLD course offered by Harvard University and 17 teachers as a coach to Harvard University. There were 7 teachers who have gotten their masters degree from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and 17 teachers have gotten an educational masters degree from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. One teacher has gotten an education masters degree from Columbia University.

AP Program

In 2006, Beijing Royal School was the first to introduce the United States AP program in China and currently offers 32 AP Courses. As the first AP school in China and the one offering the most subjects in China, we have been designated by the College Board as the only AP Teaching Demonstration School in China. All AP teachers at BRS have passed the AP Program Audit held by the College Board. Bilingual AP textbooks authored by master BRS AP teachers have been instrumental to student success. Over the years, Beijing Royal School has maintained a high pass rate in AP exams, facilitating the successful conversion of many graduates’ AP scores to U.S. college credits, enabling them to graduate early from college.


A-Level Program

Since 2003, Beijing Royal School has offered A-Level courses by Cambridge International Examinations Committee. It is a certified course and examination center of CIE, Pearson Edexcel and Oxford AQA in the country, and is also a strategic partner of CIE and a gold school of Oxford AQA.


At present, Beijing Royal School offers 30 A-Level courses, including the golden subjects required in order for students to apply to study abroad. The A-Level faculty includes a number of official Cambridge International Examinations teacher trainers and exam markers.


IB Program

In January 2018, Beijing Royal School became an IB World School, authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and mutual respect. IBDP is globally recognized by top universities worldwide.


BRS’s IBO authorization was achieved in less than two years because of the school’s abundant international education experience, outstanding teaching faculty and school facilities. The school offers 13 core courses of six major subjects, and the faculty includes a number of official subject examiners with extensive IB teaching experience.


OSSD Program

OSSD is a cooperative program between Beijing Royal School (Senior High) and the Toronto Bureau of Education, offering students the opportunity to earn a Canada Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), qualifying students for admission to British Commonwealth and U.S. universities.

In addition to academic preparation, OSSD provides rich and practical extra-curricular activities and study tours, comprehensive college and systematic life skills counseling. Since OSSD’s introduction in 2006, 80% of the BRS-Canada Program’s graduating students have been accepted into their first choice universities.


Study-Abroad Art Program

Beijing Royal School is the first international school in China to open study-abroad art program. Since the foundation of BRS’s art studio in 2010, it has cultivated numerous outstanding art graduates. These graduates have been accepted into top-ranked global universities known for excellence in art education, with the rate for matriculation and scholarship reaching 100 percent and 85 percent, respectively.

Our study-abroad art program features three major subjects, including visual art, music and film art. The visual arts curriculum includes multiple courses such as photography, painting, installation, media art, costume design, architectural design, and illustration design. The music curriculum involves music theory, composition, improvisation, music production, vocal singing, theatre theory practice and other professional courses in music and performance. Our team of professional art teachers has substantial experience and solid theoretical foundation in international education. At BRS we have China’s first teacher registered by the College Board AP Studio Art, expert teachers with years of experience teaching study-abroad art courses, Ph.D. and M.A. graduates from prestigious universities in China, and professors previously employed by art schools in the United States.

In 2017, Beijing Royal School signed a five-year partnership agreement with MassArt, with the following objectives for BRS students and teachers: to provide priority access to excellent U.S. art education; to receive assistance in preparing high-level portfolios; to advise in improving BRS teaching models and methods for art; and to provide opportunities to participate in the Summer Studios course at MassArt.

We endorse three teaching styles: Level-Based Teaching, Grouping Class, and Mobile Learning.


Level-based teaching

Level-based teaching and the grouping of students according to individual interest and aptitude has been in effect for 12 years at BRS. We are constantly modifying the system, hoping to give more accurate evaluations of students’ academic levels, learning abilities, and potential, and to provide an atmosphere which improves their educational experience and maximizes their positive results.


Grouping Class

In BRS, students can choose from more than 40 subjects based on their own areas of interest, and this gives students the opportunity to explore a particular discipline in more depth. Through this system, students also enjoy rich and nurturing relationships with teachers who come to know them well and can guide and support them in preparing for university.


Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has not only relieved students of the burden of heavy textbooks but has also provided the convenience of learning anywhere at any time. With mobile technology, students can use individualized apps that enable them to progress at their own pace and self-monitor their progress. In turn, this technology enables teachers to continuously track individual student achievement and deliver personalized academic feedback to individual students on a constant basis.

At Beijing Royal 40% of our teachers are foreign teachers and our school is based on the principle of the “Stratification Teaching and Level-based teaching”. Foreign-speaking is incorporated into the lessons according to the students’ English level.

Graduation and Entrance to Higher Education

Graduates from our school typically attend the Top universities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Colombia at Dartmouth College, Direction of British Cambridge, Imperial Warwick University College London, University of Simon Fraser Waterloo, University of Toronto, UBC, University of Sydney etc.

Students from Beijing can take the Chinese graduation examination and receive a Beijing high school diploma. Non-Beijing residential students do not need to take the Chinese graduation examination, and can receive a high school diploma from Beijing Royal School. Student also can use the high school diploma to apply to foreign universities. Students attending Beijing Royal School can also obtain the United States high school diploma because our school also observes the K-12 course program outline.

We have a student services center which includes a testing assessment center, Guidance Counseling Office, and the International Program office. These all serve students of Beijing Royal School. We also offer a Student Affairs Office which will focus on the students’ criterion of conduct, Moral Education and Psychological Education.

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