Since its establishment in 1996, Beijing Royal School has been devoted to international education. Integrating eastern and western pedagogical techniques and resources, we create a truly international educational environment. We use mobile and distance learning technologies to access world class teaching resources from abroad but then adapt them to create an educational experience tailored to each student’s aptitude and individual characteristics, as is traditional in China. Beijing Royal School, including Beijing Royal Kindergarten, Beijing Royal Foreign Language School and Beijing Royal School (Senior High), collectively form a K-12 continuum, providing a comprehensive education that cultivates future world leaders with the international perspective and talents to complete on a global level.


BRS-Canada Program is a cooperative program among Beijing Royal Foreign Language School (Senior High) and Toronto Bureau of Education (PEEL)and Cambridge International Academy, offering the opportunity to achieve a Canada Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Our professional team provides guidance and support to students applying to attend renowned universities throughout Canada. This guidance and support includes, but is not limited to the following: the process of teacher assessment, student achievement assessment, university planning, scoring systems, teaching objectives assessment, overseas service, Grade 12 application counseling. Since its foundation in 1997, 80% of Cambridge International Academy’s graduating students have been accepted into their 1st choice, target university.


The program adopts a “2 plus 1” Cultivation Mode: students study in China for two years and in Canada for one year. While studying in China, all courses and textbooks are synchronized with Canada, and credits will be mutually recognized. According to Ontario’s credits system, our students will obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, if full course credit is achieved, and can apply to universities as if he or she were a high school graduate from Ontario, Canada.

Full–time Foreign Teacher, and immersive English teaching environment;

Small classes with approximately 25 students in each class;

International/domestic joint cooperation and cultivation;

Overseas high school diploma;

Rich extra-curriculum activities and study tours;

Comprehensive College Guidance Counseling and systematic life management.

Admissions Requirements

The school admits students nationwide, grade 8 and above;
Planned number: 75 students (25 for grade nine, 50 for grade ten);

Students will get early admissions if he or she passes the school’s own examinations (written and oral);
The school offers English tutoring courses for the students with special talents, or those able to pass the school’s own examinations;

Student Scholarship Program

 Grade 10 Applicants

BRS will be awarding merit scholarships in amounts ranging from 10,000 rmb to 150,000 rmb to outstanding applicants to grade 10. The purpose of the program is to help more of China’s most promising young students gain access to the elite international precollege education that is a pathway to the world’s top universities.

 Currently Enrolled Students

Based on their academic performance at BRS, currently enrolled students will be eligible for a variety of merit scholarships. The goal of this program is to recognize excellence in a diverse range of academic disciplines and encourage students to further develop their unique talents.

 Graduating Seniors

At graduation, the most outstanding graduates will be honored with scholarships in recognition of their academic achievements at BRS. These scholarships will also enable these unusually talented students to realize their full potential when they enroll at the world’s most elite colleges and universities.

* The final explanation right of these programs is reserved by BRS, and please refer the announcement on our website for further information.

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