2016Fluoride treatment Key Points:

Fluoride foam is a safe and effective treatment that helps for the prevention of children’s decaying teeth. To ensure that the procedure goes smoothly, here are some indications that should be taken into account:

1、before the treatment, children must brush their teeth very carefully so that it is effective. (doctor will give instructions)
2、Before the treatment, children’s parents have to sign the agreement paper.
3、Keep the child’s body forward, head down, bite up for 4 minutes
4、Children cannot eat,drink or brush their teeth right after the treatment
5、if they are sick, suffering from allergy or have been eating medicine on the day of the supposed treatment, children will have to wait until they recover and agree of another time with the doctor
6、New children have to sign the agreement paper.

Institute of preventive dentistry of Chang Ping District

Beijing children dental health care and health promotion project

Dear Parents:

Dental caries have become one of the most common children’s oral health threats. In order to control and reduce the occurrence of caries, Beijing municipal government has decided to give free oral examination to kids from 3 to 6 once a year and fluoride treatment twice a year.
The doctor will put the foam on the tray, so that children can gently bite it for 2 minutes before taking it out. This is an effective method to enhance the professional prevention of dental caries, and tooth surface resistance. The intervention being carried out by professionals inside the kindergarten make it safer and easier for kids to accept and go through.

If your kids are under the following conditions of the intervention day, please let their teachers know and wait to do it:

  1. If they have a cold,a stomachache or a gastrointestinal discomfort, please don’t do it
  2. If they have oral ulcers, oral mucosal damage such as herpes stomatitis, don’t do it
  3. if they have allergies and do not cooperate don’t do it

Fluoride treatment is a way to prevent dental caries, but cannot replace everyday task of brushing one’s teeth. I hope you continue to do a good job for children’s daily oral care. If your child’s teeth are decayed, they should be treated quickly.
Thanks for your trust and cooperation

Warm Notice
During autumn and winter, the weather is very dry and at that time of the year kids tend to lack vitamins. That is why the kindergarten puts on emphasis on providing kids with food containing Vitamin A, such as liver, whole milk, egg yolk, cream and cheese.