Electronic Piano and Swimming Open Classes Impress All the Parents

On June 12th, BRFLS pre-school students of class 10, 11 and 12 gave us a visual feast of piano and swimming!

At 1:50pm, students played “Jingles Bells “and “Happy Birthday” together for all the parents. Later, they performed their own favorite songs. Parents were so amazed to see their children can play these songs so well!

At 3 pm, parents were impressed again by students at the school aquatic center. They swam like fish by using different swimming styles, breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke,underwater swimming, etc. Parents’ eyes just could not take it all in!


Parents were so excited about their children’s fast improvement in about just 270 days! They gave our hardworking BRLFS teachers the best recognition and encouragement.

Today, teachers, parents, certificates, and cameras witnessed these 120 six-year-old pre-school students’ growth. And we believe they will create a bright future!