BRFLS uploaded the educational philosophy of “progressive and quality education.” This combines traditional Chinese elementary teaching philosophies with western philosophies. In turn, this kind of teaching creates a school with its unique characteristics and view of internationalization.
We believe in the Wuwei philosophy of teaching. The teachers at BRFLS set a good example for the students by listening, respecting, and trying to understand them. Faculties also guide students through emotional development. We hope that our students will continue to progress during their time here. The education philosophy of Wuwei is a harmonious combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern-day pedagogy.

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    The responsibility of the teachers is to not only provide the children with a good education, but to also create virtuous global citizens. The students are not only responsible for their own learning, but also to take responsibility for their actions.

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    The purpose of education is not only to teach academics, but to also lead students into creative and independent thinking.

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    Teachers are the artists of life. They have good values and behavior. They are very concerned with the development of society. Teachers are very patient, which is a good example for children.
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    We want our children to be successful, but we care more about their progress and growth as a person. We care more out our children’s wellbeing than their scores.

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    The children’s achievement in school does not equate to money. Their achievement is about the quantity and quality of how well people care for them. These two things added together is the creates the achievement of one’s life.

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    Teachers at BRFLS are using their passion, love and energy to care for children. They are happy when the children are happy.

Introduction to the Faculty

Teaching Characteristics

Comprehensive Quality Class
Art-Talented Class
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International Class

The Primary School uses the American style small-class teaching. In class, teachers’ guidance is combined with students’ self-exploration; Hands-on practice is combined with cooperative learning. An open classroom is also used to show student results. Therefore, students have time to participate in learning activities and are given ample opportunities to state their ideas and freely express themselves. The school values interactions among students and the interaction between students and teachers. Teachers care about students’ development, and students can happily study here. Furthermore, in order to develop their individuality, every student can participate in a variety of activities, including swimming, dance, and calligraphy.

Comprehensive Quality Class: Based on the completion of core courses from the nine – year compulsory education, teachers strengthen the development of students on “one main body with two wings body with two wings”.

Art-talented Class: Besides the completion of core courses, classes also focus on students’ artistic perception and expression.

International Class: Foreign and Chinese teachers manage the class teaching activities and students’ daily lives. Classes use advanced theme-based teaching philosophies.dopted.

Interest Classes Training

In order to meet national standards, respect every student’s individual development, and educate fully-developed students, Principal Ren proposed the philosophy of ‘one child with two wings’. Specifically, this proposal requires that students not only focus on their academic studies, but also focus on the development of their artistic talents and physical health. In this way, students will not only enhance their academic skills, but also improve their artistic appreciation and sports abilities. Fully-developing many talents rather than focusing on a single development is important for students who wish to join the trend of globalization.

Every day from 15:50-17:20, the students attend interest classes in order to grow their arts and sports wings.

Diversified education for all-around development: There are nearly 60 different kinds of interest classes in BRFLS, including the areas of music, PE, arts and science. As it is difficult for students to make up their minds when choosing an interest class, Principal Ren proposed another thoughtful idea called “1+X”. This proposal allows students to choose one subject they enjoy to have for a long-period study called “1”. The “X” allows students to try different kinds of interest classes for each semester.

Professional quality education: For training faculty, BRFLS hires many professional teachers and coaches from educational institutions off campus. This has strengthened the quality of teaching group. BRFLS also has state of the art training facilities, including a  gym, indoor pool, auditorium, dancing room, piano room, professional track, football field, basketball court, and tennis court.  BRFLS also plans to build a golf course in the near future.

Confucius once said, “People who know something are better than those who work on it; those who work on it are not as good as those who love it”. Thus, the aim of interest classes is to let students love their interests and keep on developing them. In addition, the joy they gained from interest class can further improve their academic studies and self-directed learning ability. These will become the keystones for them to have a bright future!

Curriculum System Introduction

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    Chinese Language

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    Creative Drama

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    English Language

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    Martial Arts

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    Classic Chinese

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    Fine Arts

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    Overseas Visit

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Learn More

The curriculum in BRFLS aims to help individual students fully develop. Specifically, the curriculum provides chances for students to learn basic knowledge, while also encouraging them to be creative. The curriculum covers various subjects and allows students to explore their career plan in the future. It values traditional cultures, yet motivates students to create new values based on the classical thoughts. Therefore, the BRFLS curriculum prepares students to face the many challenges of a constantly changing world.
The Chinese and Mathematics curriculums are both designed according to the national standards. Based on the unified standards, teachers from the Chinese department added formative education of national literature, reading, and composition classes into the curriculum. This change aims at helping students learn traditional Chinese culture and practice their language ability.

For the Mathematics curriculum, teachers from the Mathematics department focus on improving students’ ability to apply mathematical knowledge to their real life. Due to this curriculum design, students will have a solid fundamental knowledge of math and be able to use this knowledge flexibly.

Since BRFLS is a foreign language school, it puts a high value on English education and communicative English. In order to broaden students’ vocabulary, teachers designed interactive activities to stimulate their desire for learning English. Furthermore, teachers continually update their pedagogies to progress with their students. Teachers from the English department are all committed to developing students’ bilingual skills.

Apart from the core curriculum, there are nearly 60 different kinds of interest classes in the areas of music, PE, arts, and science. The curriculum of the interest classes provides a platform for students to develop their gifts and talents. In addition, the PE activities not only enhance the students’ physical health, but also teach them teamwork skills and leadership. The many extra-curricular activities are beneficial for students to improve their self-confidence and creativity.

BRFLS adopted the “holistic” education principle in order to make studying interesting for students. During the learning process, students should feel that they are loved rather than pushed. In BRFLS, they will be taken care of well by their home-room teachers, dorm teachers, and subject teachers. These teachers insist on educating with care in order to build the children’s self-respect.

In BRFLS, the spirits of creativity, imagination and exploration are highly valued. Both the faculty and students make progress together. The professional curriculum in BRFLS ensures students have an international standard education, which prepares them for both domestic and international higher education.

Students Bus Routes

Route For Non-resident Students (From Mon to Fri)

Route for Resident Students(Leaves on Fri,Returns on Sun)

South Route
Longde Square

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:40/18:26

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:26

West No.1 Community
in Tian Tong Yuan

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:44/18:23

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:23

West No.2 Community
in Tian Tong Yuan
Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:47/18:20Drop-off Time on Friday:15:20
Ming Jia Garden

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:58/17:40

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:40

Wang Du Xin Di

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:02/17:44

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:44

Wang Du Jia Yuan

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:10/17:52

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:52

Vancouver forest

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:20/18:00

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:00


Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:40/17:30

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:30

West Route
Yuan Shu

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:25/18:27

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:27

Xing Long Cheng Community

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:35/18:17

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:17

Hui Long Guan,Long Teng Yuan 4th community

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:45/18:12

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:12

Ti Yu Park

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:47/18:07

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:07

Liu Xing Garden 1st Community South Gate

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:50/18:05

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:05

Long Xi Yuan East Gate

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:52/18:02

Drop-off Time on Friday:15:02

Ju Zhen Community North Gate

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:6:55/17:58

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:58

Guo Feng Mei Tang

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:00/17:55

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:55

Tian Yuan Feng Guang

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:03/17:53

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:53

Long Jin 2nd community

Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:08/17:51

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:51


Pick-up/Drop-off Time:7:40/17:30

Drop-off Time on Friday:14:30

No1 Bus Route
Liu Li Qiao
Gong Zhu Feng
Bei Tai Ping Zhuang
Zi Zhu Qiao
Departure Time/Back to School Time  :14:30/16:30
No2 Bus Route
Yu Quan Ying
Mu Xi Yuan
Fang Zhuang
Hua Wei Qiao
Guo Mao
Bei Chen Shopping Mall
Departure Time/Back to School Time :14:30/16:30