jxcxp-1Teaching innovation in junior high

Junior High features sustainable education, inquiry-based teaching, interdisciplinary teaching and group learning

Features of Teaching

  • Group learning

    To cultivate students’ teamwork spirit and leadership through group discussion and project collaboration.

  • Sustainable Education

    With a selection of the most authoritative course books worldwide and a variety of flexible teaching approaches,we commit to sustainable education for students.

  • Interdisciplinary learning

    RFLS will help students understand the connection among different disciplines and develop their ability of applying theories to social practice through interdisciplinary learning and inquiry.

  • Inquiry-based classroom teaching

    Student-centered, differentiated teaching
    Small-size classes
    Using English as the core of our pedagogy language
    Adopt the inquiry-action-reflection learning model
    Respect and appreciate different opinions
    Provide guidance for students and help them analyze and understand key concepts
    Develop students’ learning ability and academic research skills

Talent Development

⌈ Help students deepen their learning in the arts and sports ⌋

⌈Specialized guidance of sketch and oil painting; the works from students will be exhibited regularly ⌋

⌈Offer various workshops, such as Chinese and Western orchestra, vocal music, dance, drama and so on. ⌋

⌈ An American basketball coach from the NBA teaches physical training and basketball skills, and helps students who want to apply for sports scholarships in universities abroad. ⌋