The Excellent Performance of the Clubs— 2018 New Year Talent Show of BRFLS Junior High

2018 New Year Talent Show of BRFLS Junior High was held on December 26. It was an exhibition of students’ talent to their parents and peers who responded with their warm applause. Under the instruction of art teachers, junior students sang, danced, and played various instruments. They also creatively adapted ancient Chinese stories into modern comedy. All the players were members of the 41 students clubs, voluntarily giving their best art performances on the stage. It should not only be regarded as their pursuit of arts, but also an effort to their all-around development apart from classroom learning.

A Wonderful Retrospective of the 2018 New Year Talent Show of BRFLS Junior High

In the performance, the hosts were students themselves and they controlled the whole process. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to prove themselves and improve their cooperation ability as a team.

The “Christmas Eve” and “Jingle Bells” from the String Orchestra Club opened the elegant curtain of the performance. They were played by a variety of instruments and added to the festive atmosphere.

The Dance Club gave a wonderful performance of “Wukong”.  The neat and gentle dance, combined with Chinese martial arts, showed a strong visual impact and also expressed students’ understanding of Chinese traditional culture.


The Psychology Club played a drama “No One Less” whose subject was from students’ real life and vividly expressed their psychological problems they encountered during adolescence, and how they dealt with these problems properly.


The “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” was from the Electroacoustic Club. With a strong rhythm, it took the atmosphere to the climax and the audiences were left to wonder how such amateur musicians could be so professional.

“When I saw my child played on the stage, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took a lot of photos and recorded his confident moment and encouraged him to keep it up. I’m really proud of him as a mother!”

According to the dance teacher’s introduction, most of the students began to discover their hobbies only after they joined Beijing Royal Foreign Language School. “It was very important for children of to develop confidence and teamwork in such activities. What’s more, we paid much attention on improving students’ awareness on time management and they could gain more free time after better self-management”. It conforms to the concept of students’ competence-oriented education, which is advocated by our school.

As our Principal Wang said in his speech, “Competence-oriented education makes children be confident. We see the upward spirit in their souls from this performance. Since “Basic education” was emphasized by the whole world, and under the policy background of education was the guide for our country of “bringing in” and “going out”, our school will establish multicultural arts center, including movie center, music center, painting center and etc. Our target is to cultivate students’ innovative thinking and international mindset “.