New Start | 2018 BRFLS 1st Grade Parent Meeting

At 9am on June 24th, BRFLS held 2018 BRFLS 1st Grade Parent Meeting at the school International Conference Hall.

The School Leader, Director Li, explained many important notices to parents including student registration, summer camp, regular safety rules, swimming class safety, student drop-off and pick-up, etc.


School Principle Ren introduced the summer camp in detail for parents. Then Tao Shaoju from Quality Education Department showed the various colorful extra-curricular classes. More than 80 classes will provide a great amount of chances for our new students who will arrive next semester.

Many parents were still very excited after this meeting. At the same time, all the BRFLS faculty and staff were busying preparing for these first graders in the next semester.  Let us work together to create a happy childhood for these lovely students.