czszMiddle School Faculty/Stuff

Faculty/Staff  includes  qualified  teachers  with   global   perspectives



The faculty team ismade up of internationally educated teachers, along with individuals with an experienced teaching background: 40% foreign teachers, 40% oversea returnees and 20% bilingual teachers.

BRS collaborates with world-famous universities such as Harvard and Duketo provide international-standard trainings for teachers.

Courses provide introductions to the IB and IGCSE programs to advance theories and teaching methodology.

Our caring and compassionate residential staff providea safe and comfortable living environment which helpsstudents develop self-management skills and independence.

⌈English Instructors Team⌋

The English Instructors Teamconsists of more than 20 elite foreign and local teachers. All the local teachers graduated from world-famous universities such as Edinburgh University, Warwick University, Bristol University, Melbourne University, and North Carolina University. Their professional knowledge and overseas experience lay the groundwork for our teaching foundation. Foreign teachers with rich experience integrate different cultures into activitiesto encourage students to find joy in learning English. We offer three courses to our students, namely comprehensive English, English literature and oral English, taught by foreign teachers. Under the teaching concept of IB, we use International English and Cambridge Checkpoint, which are under the IGCSE curriculum system, as our teaching material. Our balanced curriculum and teaching model aim to enable our students to consolidate the foundation of language, excavate their language talents and interests, and cultivate good learning and reading habits.

⌈Mathematics Instructors Team⌋

The Mathematics Instructor Team is known for its meticulous, innovative and strong intellectual atmosphere. The team consists of 10 teachers, among which 5 have overseas experience, 6 have master’s degrees and all are bilingual. The mathematics team is rich in experience, enthusiastic, and deeply loved by the students. Under the instruction of a combined philosophy of Western and Eastern teaching concepts, the mathematics team employs textbooks by the People’s Education Press and IGCSE. Integrated with IB’s diverse teaching methods and education objectives, the course aims at helping students to master independent inquiry learning and to be diligent, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and caring. At the same time, the teaching and research group adapt to the needs of the time and engage in teaching research and reform activities. The whole team is equipped with excellent virtues like diligence, boldness, creativity, and initiative. They have improved teaching quality and cultivated new talents through constant innovation and learning.

⌈ Design Instructors Team⌋

The Design course is a comprehensive MYP course, focusing on the creative design ability of students. With the influence of IB philosophy, students are expected to become a life-long learner by taking this course. During the MYP years, IB learners firstly strive to become communicators, inquirers and thinkers who are reflective, principled, caring, and open-minded; then they gradually develop to be knowledgeable, balancedand willing to take risks. The Design course involves flexible teaching methodology, focusing on the connection between the needs of students and subject material. During the process, teachers pay attention to students’ behavior,and provide individualized guidance. Our Design teachers have many years of working experience in industrial design as well as training experience in artistic design, which helpslead students into a magical world of design.


⌈Chinese Instructors Team ⌋

  The Chinese Instructors Team consists of 12 competent and dedicated instructors. Consistently abiding by the principles of”scientific,efficient,delicate,practical and communicative”,the Chinese Instructors Team has been exploring teaching theory and practice according to the “Chinese Curriculum Standards”. We commit to teaching reform and explore effective teaching strategies for Chinese reading and writing. We strive to explore the humanistic implications in our teaching and subject activities in order to improve students’ subject accomplishment. In addition, integrating research into our IB language and literature subject is also one of our main concerns.This is a team of wisdom, creativity, cooperation and happiness with both experienced senior teachers and inquisitive new teachers.We make the best use of the training opportunities outside campus and also attach great importance to class preparation, observation and teaching research at school.

⌈Science Instructors Team⌋

There are 19 talented teachers in the Science Instructors Team, including 2 foreign teachers,6 Chinese teachers with overseas experience and 11 bilingual teachers. Teachers on the science team are experienced both in academic study and teaching practice,with 3 teachers holding a PHD degree and 10 teachers with a master’s degree. The science subjects at BRS include physics,chemistry and biology. According to the IB program model, UK Cambridge Secondary and IGCSE are adopted as our key curriculum supplements. The courses are taught both in Chinese and in English with a student-centered teaching approach. We aim to help our students stand out in their future application and study in high schools and universities, thus our curriculum not only equips the students with a better understanding of the world, but also provides constant guidance to develop their ability to create and inquire.Our school set up a science club based on the interdisciplinary combination of three subjects. In the club, the students can conduct extracurricular experiments in a specialized laboratory under the guidance of foreign instructors,which helps to develop the students’ interest in natural science and provides them a better understanding of approaches to academic research.

rch as well.

⌈Social Studies Instructors Team⌋

 Social Instructors Teamincludes subjects of geography, history, business, individuals and societies, etc. This team consists of seven teachers who are experienced, with overseas study background, who are bilingual or foreign language speakers. The aim of our teaching is to encourage students to respect and understand the world in which they live and learn and grasp necessary skills. Apart from these, the students are supposed to pursue the historical, geographical, political, social, economic, religiousand cultural factors that can influence individuals, societies and environment. We strive to create a safe academic learning atmosphere where Chinese and western teaching philosophies are combined in an effort to guide our students to become elites with international perspectives.

⌈PE and Health Instructors Team⌋

 The MYP PE and Health includes: knowledge on PE and health, PE aesthetics, solo and group sports. This course not only fits into the IB framework, but also conforms to the requirement of Chinese compulsory education. The aim of the course is to expand students’ interests in sports and provide them a platform to be engaged in sports activities. The teaching staff includes Antonio Flores (Mexico), Dusica Jovic (Serbia) and Liu Tianyou (China). Mr. Flores is a Martial Art instructor at Chinese national level and he is from Beijing Sport University. Holding aMaster’s in Education from Michigan State University, Mr. Flores devoted himself to introducing MYP into China a decade ago. He is also a member of the IB centre in BRS. Ms. Jovic is a Doctor in sports training, as well as a basketball and swimming instructor. Mr. Liu has been playing an important role in the development of basketball in our school for years. 

⌈Arts Instructors Team⌋

 Art courses, as required courses in compulsory education, are of high importance for the development of personality, expression and intelligence. 80% of art teachers in RFLS junior high are overseas returns, all with Master’s degrees or above. Courses are taught bilingually, and students can get access to advanced teaching materials and methodologies. A combination of music, art, dance, film and calligraphy give both direct and indirect influence on cultural and scientific recognition. Art courses are based on the IB program, aiming to develop students’ overall ability with an emphasis on innovation, creativity, integration and interdisciplinary cooperation.ciplinary cooperation.