Fly High to Embrace the Sky |2018 BRFLS Graduation Ceremony

June 22nd was an exciting day but also with a bit of sadness. All the BRFLS graduates walked on the red carpet accompanied by their parents one by one starting at 8 am, and the auditorium was full of audience at 9 am.

Singing Chinese Anthem, watching a very moving documentary of the graduates’ lives at BRFLS, and enjoying their last performance on stage, all of these meant a lot to all the audience, including the school faculty, parents, and students themselves.

It was very hard to say goodbye to this school, which gave our students an unforgettable happy time in these six years. Many students dropped their tears on stage because they wanted to give their greatest gratitude and wishes to their dearest parents and BRFLS!

Congratulations, dear 2018 BRFLS graduates!