ckcRFLS Mission Statement Pertaining to Curriculum

The Junior High School aims to develop students’ critical and creative thinking, encourage students’ independent learning, and cultivate students’ ability in developing knowledge in different subjects.

Concepts of teaching

  • Global Vision

    With the guidance of IB teaching philosophy and the framework of MYP courses,we integrate both IGCSE and the compulsory education curriculum of China. Strong emphasis is placed on core academic education and the cultivation of a global perspective.

  • Moral-Development and Talent-Oriented Education

    We pay great attention to the promotion of moral and personal growth.This is a crucial element of RFLS’s curriculum in combination with our focus on developing creative and critical thinkers. Great emphasis is placed on cultivating compassionate, knowledgeable, virtuous, reflective students with explosive and innovative spirit and excellent communication skills.

  • Developing “Well-Rounded” Students

    We are committed to creating a democratic, healthy, and happy learning environment and providing students with diverse courses such asthe performing arts, physical education, and visual arts.  All classes are taught by both foreign and Chinese teachers to enrich student learning opportunities outside of the foundation courses. We also organize various social events and clubs tofurther cultivate qualified global citizens.