The world outside is wonderful! Getting close to the nature and looking for different biological species!

The world outside is wonderful! Getting close to the nature and looking for different biological species!

The Science Club aims to cultivate students’ ability to practice and expand their scientific experiments. With the support of the school and the enthusiastic participation of the students; the science club’s activities have become more and more colorful in this semester. Since the beginning of the semester, it has carried out experiments on mentos, dissecting chickens, exploring the structure of laborious levers and so on.

This activity is outdoor activity, and students’ safety is very important! The weather cleared up after the raining. Our students all were excited after they go out of the school and wondered where we were going — where are we going, Sir? Do we need to ride ofo? No, it was only two bends, and soon we were at the park with lots of grass (let’s call it the grass grove park, though it has no name yet). The children haven’t known it was so close and just like a new world.

At first, the children were more careful since it was the first time for them to enter here, and there were a lot of unknown things. They are well-behaved in a row. At the very beginning, the most common sight was spiders, which were larger. Maybe the students haven’t caught any bugs before, so many students including the boys shouted, and did not dare to catch the bugs by hands directly. They put them in a bottle and felt extremely excited. Since our main purpose was to learn the worms, so in order to catch the living, we specially made the transparent bottle with holes.

Then, we found a quilt, and guessed that there must be a lot of creatures under it. When it was lifted, it seemed as if the new world had been discovered, and the children were once more excited. We grabbed the scutiger, the porcellio, the centipede, etc. In the surrounding, locust, paraffin cicadas (commonly known as flower girls), green beetles, and some fungi were also found. Here, it has become their “garden of grass”.

We leaved when it was getting dark. The first outing was a wonderful experience. Students had an intimate contact with nature in this activity. After studied taxonomy, they can figure out which category the plants or the bugs belong to. If you have not been able to take part in this activity, please look forward to more wonderful activities we are going to organize!