BRS’s Winter Eco-Plogging Activity


In order to introduce students to the importance of protecting the environment and the difference between recycleables vs. garbage,  on November 23th, BRS students participated in a Plogging activity in the local community – WangfuWenxin Apartments. Plogging is a combination of jogging and litter patrol. It started in Sweden around 2016 as an organized activity and has now spread to other parts of the world. Dressed in running gear and holding plastic bags, the BRS Plogging team of teachers and students picked up litter and garbage and got some exercise jogging around Wangfu Wenxin community while they were at it. Students were energetic and enthusiastic about doing something good for their health, community and the environment all at the same time:  multi-tasking.  After Plogging, the students collected, sorted and analyzed the collected garbage into piles of recyclable and non-recyclable items. The activity raised awareness of and provided learning opportunities about the importance of waste management.