jyts-1 Academic Success

At BRS, international educational resources and a combination of western and Chinese pedagogy

in the hands of outstanding faculty ensure a world-class teaching and learning.

BRS Academic Success

Leadership Education

1.International Teacher Education

Harvard WIDE World Program

In 2011, the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) , Beijing Royal School (BRS) and Beijing Royal Foreign Language School (BRFLS) signed a comprehensive agreement that brought the WIDE World Teacher Training Program to the school.

WIDE World is an innovative professional development program based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Based on the principle that teaching theory and practice should be united, it has become a gold standard for teacher professional development around the world.

To date, BRS has enabled 150 teachers to complete WIDE World courses, 17 of whom have gone on to become certified WIDE World instructional coaches.

U.S. Masters in Teaching (MAT)

BRS offers its most promising teachers a pathway to postgraduate degrees through partnership with top U.S. graduate schools of education. To date, BRS has fully funded 25 teachers to enroll in Master’s and doctoral degree programs at Columbia University, North Carolina University Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. Upon their return to BRS, these teachers are assuming leadership roles through which they are positively contributing to their students and fellow faculty members.

2.Eton Modern Leadership Course

In 2015, BRS partnered with Eton College to become the first school in Beijing to offer the EtonX Modern Leadership Course. This unique blended learning program teaches skills in communication and collaboration that are essential for success in higher education and the modern workplace. Drawing on Eton College’s distinguished history of producing British leaders, through partnership with BRS, EtonX is nurturing China’s next generation of leaders.

The program is based on an innovative partnership model. Eton-trained BRS teachers deliver classroom instruction, complemented by EtonX’s exclusive interactive multimedia learning platform and one-to-one coaching provided by UK-based tutors.  In June 2016, all BRS students in the first Eton X cohort, met the program’s rigorous requirements and graduated with distinction.

Level-based teaching has been in effect for eight years at BRS. We are constantly refining the system to precisely capture students’ current academic achievement levels, distinctive aptitudes and educational potential with the goal of designing optimal learning environments that maximize success for all our students.

Mobile devices have not only relieved students of burdensomely heavy textbooks, but have brought the convenience of anytime, anywhere learning. Engaging mobile apps and multimedia content are promoting independent learning by enabling students to follow their own interests, and use built-in assessment tools to chart their own progress. Mobile devices also improve classroom efficiency, simplifying the distribution of educational materials and submission of assignments.  Finally, mobile apps facilitate communication, enabling teachers to provide immediate help and personalized feedback to their students on a regular basis. 

Office of International Programs

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP), an affiliate of the BRS Student Services Center (SSC), connects students with enriching, educational programs, competitions and community service opportunities within China and overseas, with the goal of promoting their academic and personal development.  In cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Authority, OIP is also responsible for coordinating international exchange programs that bring students from other countries to BRS and enable BRS students to spend a semester or year in overseas high schools. OIP has established an extensive network of opportunities including vacation camps and travel programs, university-based summer courses, international volunteer, service learning and scientific exploration programs, as well international competitions, conferences and forums.

Contact Information

Address: Office of International Programs, Room 4219, 2nd Floor of Building 4, Beijing Royal School.
Tel: +86 010-80789577 / 81783415 / 81787608
E-mail Address: oip@brs.edu.cn

Testing and Assessment Center


As part of the Student Services Center, the Testing and Assessment Center is affiliated with a variety of international assessment programs including the NEEA、ETS、the College Board、CAIE、CAE and Pearson. The center provides comprehensive assessment services including exam planning and registration, test organization and administration, services of student score reports and assessment records.

Categories of Examinations

Administered On-Campus

Diagnostic/Secondary School Exams (CEPT,PSAT, TPO, TOEFL Junior)
University Entrance Exams (A-Level、IGCSE、Secondary 1 Checkpoint、STEP、AP、ACT、GRE、IB)
Academic Competitions (AMC、PCF、EUCLID、GAUSS、CSIMC)
Art Exams (Fine Arts, Calligraphy)

Organized by BRS, Administered Off-Campus


Based on students’ individual aptitudes and interests, the Testing and Assessment Center offers a variety of international examination options, as well as examination-related counselling and personalized evaluation services. Our goal is to enhance every student’s competitive advantage in applying to overseas universities and realizing their full potential through successful, satisfying careers.

BRS Test Center Advantages

(1) Professional examination administration team with overseas education background
(2) State of the art computers and reliable, high speed network
(3) Comprehensive, round-the-clock electronic surveillance
(4) Electronic and Paper & Pencil examination options authorized officially
(5) Comfortable waiting areas and free refreshments
(6) Convenient individual and group exam scheduling by phone, e-mail for in person
CEPT (Cambridge English Placement Test) and TPO (TOEFL Practice Online) exams

Contact information

Location: Room 3219 or 3222, 2nd Floor, Building 3
Telephone: (86)10-80789510 or 80789521
E-mail: testcenter1@brs.edu.cn

College guidance counseling office

Overview and Services
Part of the Student Services Center, the Guidance Counselling Office provides comprehensive college advising and application services to all BRS students. Our experienced guidance team includes ten professional counselors with overseas higher education background and international expertise. Through college readiness courses and workshops, and one-on-one advising, BRS counselors guide and support students through every phase of the college and career planning process. Specific services include
1. Courses and workshops on College and Career Planning
2. One-on-one advising for students and their parents, including developing study plans, course selection, standardized test preparation, selecting extracurricular activities, selecting colleges/universities and programs of study, assisting with college essay writing, practice interviews and the completion of applications.
3. Timely submission of official transcripts and teacher recommendations to applicant universities and colleges
4. Collection and analysis of college/university admissions data
5. Training and administration of Naviance College Application Management System for teachers and students (see below)
6. Collaboration with Teaching Affairs Office to help elite students access the advanced courses (AP and A-Level) and high-level exams required by the most selective overseas universities.

BridgeU and Alumni Network
To improve the college application process, BRS has invested in BridgeU, a state-of-the art online college application management system. This comprehensive, secure system facilitates college planning, career planning and college application for students, parents and teachers.Through BRS Alumni Network ,BRS students can access BRS’s growing database of alumni currently studying abroad or who are pursuing exciting careers around the world. By sharing their own first-hand experience, BRS alumni can offer uniquely valuable advice and support.

University Admissions Campus Visitors and Events
Every year, hundreds of college admissions officers, university administrators and professors from around the world come to campus eager to meet prospective applicants.  Through college fairs, interviews and informal conversations with these campus visitors, BRS students gain first-hand insights into selecting and successfully applying to the institution that’s perfect for them.

Contact Information
Location: Room 4219, 2rd Floor, Building 4
Telephone: (86)10-81787640;80789528
E-mail: counseling@brs.edu.cn

Practical curriculum for overseas study

To complement their academic program, BRS offers college-bound seniors a series of practical courses designed to help them adapt to studying and living abroad.

Cross-Cultural Communication
In recognition that communicating across cultures is a crucial skill in our increasingly interconnected world, BRS offers students a series of practical workshops designed to help them adapt to learning and living abroad. Using a Cross-Cultural Communications Handbook developed by BRS international educators, students are introduced to a wide range of communication styles and techniques attached to different cultural norms and traditions. Beginning with a general theoretical framework, students are then presented with case studies requiring them to “learn by doing” as they encounter and practice resolving problems that come up when people from different cultures interact.

Academic Integrity and Research
This course introduces students to university standards and norms related to student research in western countries. Students learn how to conduct research, present their findings, and acknowledge their sources. Through case studies of plagiarism and other violations of academic integrity, students become familiar the expectations of the overseas universities they will attend.

British and American Culture
This course provides insight into what makes Britain and North America distinctive, including formative events in history, an overview of their political and economic systems, and defining characteristics of education and culture. By gaining a deeper understanding of western values and ways of life, BRS students will be better able to navigate cultural differences and engage more fully in their overseas universities and communities.