2016 BRS  Internaitonal Debate Competition

On December 7, 2016, Beijing Royal School held its First International Debate Competition. Student debater hotly and eloquently defended their positions on important global issues, showcasing their current events knowledge and English communication skills.

What is “International Talent” and How do we Cultivate it?

At‘Innovate to Integrate 2016,’BRS’s first International Education Forum this question was addressed by a panel of employers. The message was that international talent means not only being capable of speaking English, but also of critical thinking. International talent means being able to learn from one’s environment and from peers. International talent involves the ability to respond to emerging global issues, be they social, political or economic. Even more importantly international talent requires an ability to understand and communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. . Finally international talent demands a unique brand of leadership – the power to lead through influence by gaining the support of others.

▲Finals of BRS first international debate competition