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    BRS Cutting-Edge Advantages

    Cutting-Edge International Education
    The first foreign joint venture school in Beijing
    AP Teaching Demonstration School
    Pathway to the world’s top ranked universities

Introduction to Beijing Royal School

Since its establishment in 1996 as a foreign joint-venture approved by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Beijing Royal Education (BRE) has been devoted to precollege,international education of the highest standard. Integrating eastern and western pedagogical techniques and resources, we have created a nurturing, challenging and diverselearning environment. We use mobile and distance learning technologies to access world class teaching resources and pedagogies from abroad and then, as is traditional in China, tailor them to the individual characteristics and aptitudes of our students,  Beijing Royal Kindergarten, Beijing Royal Foreign Language School and Beijing Royal School collectively form a K-12 continuum, providing a comprehensive education that cultivates the intellectual talents, leadership, moral integrity and international vision required to compete on a global level. .

From 2003 to 2006, Beijing Royal School became the first school in China to introduce A-Level, A-S and IGCSE courses and established the first Cambridge International Center in Beijing. In parallel, BRS introduced a comprehensive Advanced Placement program, earning official recognition as the College Board’s only AP Demonstration School in China.

School Facilities

Beijing Royal School occupies a spacious and green 100,000 square meter campus in the Changping District of Beijing.The school’s state of the art facilities include a newly renovated teaching complex with A-Level standard,digitally-enhanced physics, biology and chemistry laboratories,classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, advanced computer systems and wireless internet. A media center houses a 300,000 volume library and high speed Apple computer center used for distance learning. Multi-purpose auditoriums, seminar rooms and conference halls across campus are equipped with simultaneous translation in six languages and link-ups to the school’s global satellite network.  Extracurricular facilities include a world-class track, soccer field, basketball and tennis courts, piano practice rooms,and an indoor swimming pool.Two A-Class health standard cafeterias accommodate up to 3,000 diners and offer an appealing variety of nutritious, home-cooked fare.Comfortable dormitories and spaces for private study, social activities, and relaxation complete a school environment in which students can flourish academically,physically and emotionally.



Beijing Royal School provides Cambridge International Examination A-Level/A-S courses,the Cambridge International Standard Curriculum (IGCSE),U.S. Advancement Placement courses,and a variety of other international courses and programs.BRS also offers an intensive English language program, including preparation for TOEFL,IELTS, PSAT,SAT,ACT and other international university entrance examinations.A small set of complementary Chinese courses ensures that students meet national graduation requirements in an efficient way.


Beijing Royal Schoolhas embraced “deep learning” as its over-arching pedagogical focus. Under this umbrella,the school has become a center for Harvard University’s WIDE World “Teach for Understanding,”and has forged teacher training partnerships with the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University and Beijing Normal University.

BRS’s highly qualified faculty possesses the education and experience to prepare students for international college entrance examinations and more importantly for success at the world’s most outstanding universities.Approximately 40 percent of BRS’s diverse faculty are foreign born and educated, another 40 percent hold overseas university degrees and experience, while the remaining 20 percent are teachers educated in China and highly proficient in English.


University matriculation

All Beijing Royal School graduates attend top-ranked U.S.and equivalent overseas universitiesas varied as University of California, Berkeley, Duke,Swarthmore College, the University of Toronto, University of Melbourne, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.University destinations for the BRS Class of 2015 were: United States: 88 percent, Canada: 4 percent, UK and Western Europe: 5 percent Hong Kong and Australia: 3 percent.

International Cooperation

Since 2003,BRS has partnered with leading universities and other educational institutions around the world, bringing innovative programs,world class resources and opportunities for global exchange and collaboration.To expand our global reach,BRS has pioneered the use of cutting-edge technologies. Not only does technology connect BRS students and teachers with advanced overseas learning programs and resources,but it supports BRS own outreach initiatives.  Through satellite and mobile technologies,BRS is contributing our rich educational resources and teacher expertise to remote schools and under-resourced schools. Moreover, by involving our students in these outreach initiatives, we are fostering in China’s next generation of leaders a noble spirit of empathy and social responsibility.