2016BASE League | U19 Basketball League

On Saturday, December 11, 2016 Beijing Royal School hosted a basketball tournament for male and female international school teams from Beijing Royal School, Beijing Saint Paul’s American School, Beijing National Day School, Beijing Huijia Private School, Haileybury International School and Keystone. The BASE U19 Basketball competition showcased the rigor and vigor of Beijing’s most passionate young basketball stars. The men’s competition was fiercely-fought and passionately-defended, with Beijing National Day School claiming the championship and Beijing Huijia Private School clinging to 2nd place by squeaking past Beijing Royal School, who proudly claimed 3rd place. In the women’s competition, Huijia came out on top with and claiming second and third place respectively




▲BRS students at the basket

▲BRS basketball coach gives mid-game pointers to his team

▲BRS Men’s Basketball Team, 3rd Place Winners

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