Newsletter # 17 for the 1st Semester of 2020-2021
  1. Guidance Meeting on AP Test

All types of academic exams have been hit hard by the epidemic restrictions, for instance, AP exams have changed from written exams to computer-based exams.  The changes in exam format this year have posed some great challenges to students, and, fortunately, BRS students have successfully risen to these challenges.  Forewarned is forearmed, so, in order to better help students cope with AP exam registration in May 2021, the Testing and Assessment Center (BRS TAC) held a Guidance Meeting on AP Test Registration and Payment System Operation in the International Lecture Hall on the evening of October 25th.  Ms. Pu Lili, from BRS TAC, introduced students to important AP test procedures for next year, including registration requirements, test-specific information, the newest changes and developments, as well as specific components involved in test registration.  This will help ease some student anxiety prior to applying for the coming year’s AP test.


2. Mental Health Exchange Activity

In order to help students to better maintain sound mental health and to attain psychological understanding and support, Marco and Liu Xue-yuan and other students started the mental health exchange activities on their own. On October 22nd, the first group activity of the mental health peer support group was successfully carried out. The activity consisted of games, so that students could open their hearts in a safe, friendly, open and inclusive atmosphere; exchange and share the experience of regulating and venting emotions; and talk about coping with psychological issues. Psychology teacher Wang Jing, Yan Xiaofei and AP psychology teacher Vanessa also shared information about mental health and psychological counseling.  Every student and teacher involved in the activity experienced a deeper sense of self-esteem, satisfaction and mutual understanding in this support group.  For adolescents under pressure and confused, the understanding and support of peers can enable them to accept and improve themselves.


3. Atlas System Training

Atlas system is a fantastic tool for lesson planning and preparation, and a vital part of the school’s curriculum-building. On the afternoon of October 23, PD Center organized an Atlas orientation session for all teachers new to BRS Senior High School this semester. Ms. Upashna Rai Simandan gave a detailed introduction to the basic content, the function, the course design principle and specific operation of the Atlas system, all of which laid a good foundation for new teachers to better grasp and use the Atlas system.


4. SCA’s Propaganda Wall-Display

Campus culture is the heart and soul of BRS.  Campus culture drives the development of our school.  BRS Student Clubs Association (SCA) activities are an integral part of BRS campus culture. The BRS SCA designed a Propaganda Wall wall-display to build a strong sense of campus culture, to create an interactive atmosphere for campus activities, and to provide a platform for foreign guests, teachers and students to visually experience the campus community culture. The SCA organized, planned, designed and decorated the PropWall, which was recently unveiled on the campus.  It includes a brief introduction of the ProWall, its primary functions, the structure of the student management cadre of BRS SCA, and displays of past wonderful activities.  The Propaganda Wall can be found on the 3rd floor of Building 5 and all teachers and students are encouraged to come take a look.


5. 5th Parents’ Workshop 

Entering high school means that applications for overseas university are about to be put on the agenda, so on the morning of October 25th, the 5th Parents’ Workshop was held online.  This online workshop was designed to further help students handle university application-related matters and to practically and rationally choose and arrange various courses, exams and activities. Ms. Zhang Tong of the Guidance Counseling Office shared:  how to prepare the application materials, course selection strategies, admission requirements, activity arrangements and tasks of different grades involved in college application.  All of this guidance helps to steer students in the right direction for future college application entrance examination.