Newsletter # 16 for the 1st Semester of 2020-2021
  1. Football Match

BRS began high school football matches, of which five football matches have been successfully held since June 19, on the beautiful campus green field. Students, full of vitality and galloping everywhere, whether spectator or player, grace our lovely landscape with their youthful, lively figures. The final football match is planned for October 26 at high noon and all are welcome to cheer our football teams on the field.


2. Tug-of-War Competition

In order to enrich campus cultural life and to enhance students’ awareness of physical exercise, tug-of-war competitions between senior high school students have been held and more are scheduled. Three winning teams will be determined through five rounds of student competitions, divided by classes.   The first round of tug-of-war competitions was held the afternoon of October 14th on the BRS playground, and all the participating teams exhibited high spirits and morale. The competition was hard-fought and fiercely competitive. The final  tug-of-war competition is planned for the afternoon of October 26 and teachers and students are all welcome to join us.


3.  New Teacher Training

On the afternoon of October 15, the Professional Development Center organized a new teacher training. Mr. Caleb Aaron Foister from the Student Affairs Office gave classroom management training to 15 high school teachers, some new and some teachers with less than three years of experience. In the training, Mr.Caleb Aaron Foister targeted explanations on four key issues: Dealing With Anger, Unmotivated Students, Behavior Modification and Socialization Skills.   Identifying, understanding and managing these behaviors lays a good foundation for new teachers to integrate quickly, smoothly and successfully into BRS, further strengthening teaching management and cognition.


4. 4th Parents’ Workshop

On the afternoon of October 17, the 4th Parents’ Workshop, themed “Standing Apart: Individual Extracurricular Activities”, was conducted online as scheduled by Andrew Powell, a teacher from the Guidance Counseling Office.  He presented a professional and practical how-to seminar for students and parents, stressing the importance of extracurricular activities, how to choose suitable extracurricular activities and how to document one’s experience when completing university applications.