‘Rigid’Maths becomes CUTE in students’ eyes!

By Math Group, Wei Jilong

“For many children, most of their study time is for leaning Maths, but teachers if RFLS would like to tell students that Maths can also be cute and beautiful”

On April 13, 2016, the RFLS Maths group organized a teaching sharing session. Altogether there were about 20 posters from 17 classes in junior high. All the posters were DIY products and draw great attention of students and teachers.

Triangles were no longer about three lines, but sweet water melon. The name of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras is spelled in cute ‘cat’ letters. Can you imagine this is the Maths class, not the art class?

Words, pictures and graphs were on the posters with alternately dark and bright colors. Even the expressions of Pythagoras appeared.

Students in grade 8 played happily with the the Pythagorean theorem, while students in grade 9 were working with the beauty of logic.

All the points were listed clearly. It is said that those who have learned logic can enjoy the beautiful melody of the symphony. Keeping on doing this, students will explore a wonderful place.

Each poster is concentrated in the sweat of the students and learning results. Although the works seemingly show riotous with beautiful colors, but when you carefully tasting every piece of poster, you will enjoy each number or a formula, every tip, every word, which are rigorous and concise just perfect.

In the process of making posters, the students also feel the charm of mathematics so let’s pass on the beautiful mathematics!

The students have something to say:

“Recently, our class organized a group to make a poster campaign and the theme is the Pythagorean theorem. Everyone in our group has collected information. Decorative drawing, layout, shear viscosity creative, everyone eventually made their duties. Each one has his good points and we finally made a beautiful poster, which make me feel the strength of the team.”

G8(3): This activity makes me feel the power of teamwork. Such a big poster cannot be completed with a person’s strength for a few days. However, every group in my class finished them within a few hours. No matter what happens, do not forget the partners around.

G8(5) Zhang Shengjin: This kind of activity makes our math class more colorful and we hope we can have more activities like that.

G8(4) Tian Jiayi: This activity made us learn the importance of teamwork and consolidate the knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem.

G8(6):Through the cooperation between the groups, I understood the magic of mathematics and had a lot of fun. Hope to learn mathematics better in the future!

Grade8 class7 Tang Yueying: This way of learning allows us to enjoy the process of learning and help us to think in an interesting way instead of feeling boring. It also made us more united.