Freedom is the observance of the rules

Freedom is the observance of the rules/The legaleducationof BRFLS Junior High “Freedom is the observance of the rules and the fear of the law!”

On December 25th, BRFLS middle school invited the police officer Haoyun from Xicheng Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau to carry out a “legal education seminar”. In the lecture, the police officer Hao explained the basic characteristics of juvenile delinquency in simple words. According to the adolescents’ physiological, psychological and age characteristics, he analyzed the motives and causes of juvenile delinquency and serious consequences in the implementation of the crime. He also warned the students what should be done and what should not be done in the normal study life meanwhile he reminds the students must comply with national laws and regulations in order to enhance their sense of law and law-abiding and be a qualified middle school student. Besides, he asked the students to abide by the rules of the school and make good friends.

On the topic of bullying on campus, Mr. Hao discussed the law by using a large number of vivid, shocking bullying crime cases in reality so that the students can recognize the harmfulness of bullying on campus. Furthermore, he told the students to learn a lesson, strengthen the concept of law and improve the legal consciousness with the analysis of the causes of bullying from the family, society and students, and other aspects. At the same time, we should pay special attention to protect the personal safety, safeguard our legitimate rights and interests by relying on the law, the organization, and the masses.

“To do something good even though it may be small, and not to do something wicked even though it may be tiny”

Young people often asked some problems such as smoking, drinking, surfing the Internet and staying with the bad guy. Although there is no violation of the law, but it is induced by the fuse of illegal acts. “To do something good even though it may be small, and not to do something wicked even though it may be tiny”. If you want to be law-abiding qualified social citizens, you need to comply with the rules of the school first.

The BRFLS Junior High school has always attached great importance to the popularization and education of students’ knowledge of the law. “The legal education into school” activities further improve the school, family and social combination of teenage education system and provide a barrier for the healthy and safe growth of the students.