‘Love and Warm’– RFLS Junior High Students’ Trip to Sun Village

On the morning of Dec. 11, 50 students and teachers went to the Sun Village to donate money, clothes and stationaries they had collected. Upon arrival, they firstly visited the classrooms and the places where children in Sun Village lived, got know more about the story in Sun Village.Students were deeply touched by what they saw and said that they leaned to cherish their life and parents’ love. In the cold wintertime, students showed their warm love and care to those who were badly in need of help.

In the fundraising activity organized by the Students’ Affair Office, there was altogether 2536yuan raised. Besides, the Students’ Union also collected 1000yuan from the charity bazaar. All the money were donated to the children in the Sun Village.

About the Sun Village (also called Children Village):

It is located in Banqiao village, Shunyi district. As an non-governmental charity organization, the village has been providing services, such as special education, psychological counselling and career training to the children whose parents are in prison. All the efforts and services enable the children to be protected and educated, just like the other kids growing up in normal families.

After this activity, Liang Huiwen from Grade8 Class4 shared her feelings and thoughts:

The Village of Sun

The school bus rushed slowly, taking us from school to our destination. Sitting on the bus and looking out of the window, I saw a rows of houses and a flock of ducks passing by. I had a sort of indescribable feeling when thinking of the destination.

It was several weeks ago when I first heard the Sun Village. I was wandering in the campus when suddenly a smile on a poster attracted my attention. It was a smile from a child, happy and innocent, like the rising sun in the morning. How happy he was! I moved forward to the poster.

The school bus took us to a yard, and after a long travel we finally could have a rest. Looking into the yard, I noticed several colored huts standing in picturesque disorder. If we had come in summertime, it would have been very beautiful to see the green shade. From the swing and bare trees, I could image the happy moments with laughers children had when they were free.

My memory went back to weeks ago when I first saw the words “prisoners’ children” on the poster. I thought for a long time of the words “prisoners’ children”. Since I was born, all my life have been very smooth and warm. I had warm family and school life which provided me with the best thing I wanted and needed. But I had never imaged there were many children suffering from the loss of parents and cold eyes from the society.

So could these children have smile on face? For me, I hadn’t laugh from heart for a long time. Even my mother would say when I grew up, I became less extroverted.

What kind of place is the Sun Village? I would like to know.

It is in Banqiao village, Shunyi district. During the past ten years, it had been serving gratis for the prisoners’ children. After watching a short video about the village, guided by a teacher, I went into a room. On the first sight, the decoration and layout of the room was nothing special, with all students’ things piled on the shelf and children being the sailors. One teacher in the Sun Village said, these children were doing part-time job to get some money for their parents. I bought a box of colored pens. When I paid, I saw the boy who was 5 or 6 years younger than me make the change and get the bag, which for me I could hardly do it. There were no negative emotions, but instead they were stronger than most children.

Walking along the road, I saw children playing martial arts, heard them reading and saw all the things they made. I asked myself what the Sun Village was. All the things here were like the shining sun of hope and wish. Smiling faces in the poster really existed in every child’s faces, giving me the feeling of warm and love.

School bus left. I waved my hands to the Sun Village and many children waved back and smiled. On my way back, I lost myself in deep thinking. I gradually smiled, which was found in my childhood,

Those children who went through hardship can truly feel the happiness, but we can’t. At this moment, the sky looks bluer and I feel happier and more relaxed. Happiness is just around us.

The chilly wintertime does not come to an end, but our heart becomes warmer. Thanks to the love expressed by RFLS students to the children in the Sun Village. Thinking about the hardship and difficulties, we should show our loving heart and gratitude to parents and the people who deserve our love.