(Weekend life) Christmas Winter Tour of Houhai and visit the former residence of Song Qingling

 On December 24th, two dorm teachers of BRFLS Junior High and 12 boarders travelled together in Houhai and visited the former residence of Song Qingling who is a great female leader in China. Although the day is cold, but it can not stop the enthusiasm of the students.

Winter is not cold this year. Houhai lake is not frozen and the ducks are still swimming in the lake.

Roadside posters allow students to stop reading. Short but far-reaching meaning.

Walk into the alley to taste the unique flavor of Beijing snacks.

Pictures were taken before the former residence of Song Qingling

We took the picture in front of the 150 anniversary of the commemoration of Mr. Sun Zhongshan.

“Be sincere and loyal to each other”, which describes the great love between Mr. Sun Zhongshan and Mrs. Song Qinglin.

The spirit of the first lady’s concern for the next generation will be infected with each student.

The swing in the house made the children forget the cold. See who swing high, see who is the happiest.

Happy day was almost over and Christmas Eve was coming. The teachers and students came back safely. The students said: “today we had a lot of fun. We walked a lot and tasted a lot of special snack. I’m very happy on Christmas Eve! Thank you, my dear teachers!”