Looking Back at History to find the Chinese Dream – The 2nd Grade International Class Exploration Activity

The topic of Unit 2 for the second grade international class is to understand the concept of geography and history.


In the early morning of November 23, the second grade students accompanied by the rising sun, passed Tian An Men Square and arrived at their destination – the National Museum of China.

This museum is one of the largest museums in the world and has a history of over one hundred years.  Once entering it, students were truly amazed by its wonderful architectural style and took pride in being Chinese from the bottom of their hearts.

The exhibition hall that students spent their most time in was the “Ancient China” hall.  Each historical relic  was displayed in front of students like a beautiful and delicate picture. Students observed them and read their introductions very carefully, they also contemplated those historical questions very intently. For example, why there were so many differences between ancient and modern Chinese characters? How did ancient people count time and do calculation?  We were so glad to see they were very activelybrainstorming through the questions they raised.

After that, led by teachers and parents, they were divided into two teams to visit the exhibitions with different titles. It was as if they were walking back in time through a magic tunnel!

On the second day, students shared what they learned with their peers to their hearts’ content.


Teachers also reflected on their journey with their students and this led them to deeply analyze the social geography and history of China . Their passions were fully ignited and their minds were opened to new wonders.

What a meaningful journey for our students to explore!