Getting Close to Little Fairies to Have Invisible Wings

There is an old folk tale in western culture, if you make a wish to a butterfly and then let it fly away, it will tell an angel to make your wish come true.

In China, there are also several well-know tales about butterflies. Why is this little creature so enchanting that we all want to write about it?  BRFLS grade one students went off campus to begin a journey to explore the world of butterflies that piqued their curiosity.

Once they had arrived at the destination – the Colorful Butterfly Garden – students could not wait to begin learning about butterflies. They were amazed to find out about the magical life cycle of butterflies by listening to the guide, and admired the effor butterflies made changing first from eggs to caterpillars, then to pupa  and finally to the adult butterflies we all know and love.

Students also felt lucky to witness these important changes happening to the butterflies because butterflies can only live in this world for fifteen days.

Through this journey, students learned, observed, drew and enjoyed their time with the butterflies. They also learned to appreciate their magical qualities and characteristics that have captivated us for so long.

Dear students, we hope you can also learn from butterflies, to insist on your dreams, to be brave and confident, so that you can fly high to display your gorgeous life like butterflies.