“Colorful Dream”Choir Watched the Vienna Boys Choir Concert

At 19:30 on October 3th, 2016, ‘colorful dream’ choir members and parents from BRFLS went to the National Grand Theatre accompanied by Yang Jia and Cai Yanni. They watched the Vienna Boys Choir’s wonderful concert.

Vienna Boys Choir has 500 years history and it is the most famous children’s Choir in the world.

The Vienna Boys Choir and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are the two most important national treasures in Austria. There were lots of famous musician participating in those two choirs, such as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Brukner and so on. Also Karajan, Bernstein, Solti, Abbado, Boulez, and other masters had command Vienna Boys Choir and highly rated of the choir. President Kennedy, President Clinton, Princess Diana, Walter Disney, Arnold Schwarzenegger are the fans of the Vienna Boys Choir.

‘Colorful dream’ members, parents and teachers took photos together before the performance. This was our first time going and watching choir activities as the Vienna Boys Choir tour in china. The children enjoyed it very much.

Principal Ren thought of the children in ‘colorful dream’ Choir She hoped they can sing with their heart, and they could be the famous choir in the world

Although our ‘colorful dream’ Choir is still a young team, but we have enough confidence to achieve our goals.