PYP Grade 3 Explores Past Civilization

Tuning In:

Classes 3,1 and 3,2 spent last Thursday exploring the second and fourth floors of the Capital Museum of China. During our exploration, we encountered many ancient artifacts that helped us gain a better understanding of our current unit: Where we are in place and time.


Finding Out:

In our unit, we have discussed some key characteristics of civilizations. We observed and considered many artifacts that were related to these characteristics.


Sorting Out

Our central idea invites us to observe and evaluate evidence from past civilizations, which was the purpose of our trip. We found many interesting pieces of evidence that we recorded on our sheets. We noted the item, its time period, and its use. Our students found the artifacts fascinating and each student noted the items on an individual basis and focused on the items that interested them the most.

Making Connections 

To follow up our visit to the museum, we began working on a small poster that focuses on three artifacts from the trip. Our students chose the three artifacts that triggered their curiosity the most, and they explored what the artifact looks like in present-day. Our students used this poster to make connections between their items’ past and present states:

Going Further 

This week, we will begin exploring our line of inquiry on the future. After thinking about what the future might look like, they need to imagine what their artifacts will look like in the future. Throughout the week, our students will be encouraged to get creative in their thinking as they imagine what items, life and civilizations will look like many years from now.

Our students (and teachers) got so much from this field trip. We explored, we asked questions, we had fun, and most importantly – we built upon our prior knowledge. It was everything a field trip should be!