Strong and Weak Points | The 4th Grade Meeting to Share Our Experiences

It is getting close to the end of this semester, so how to conclude and get the most out of the remaining time is top priority for teachers and students. The fourth grade teachers used their lunch break time to have a meeting to share their experiences, exploring how to maximize class time in addition to designing interesting and interactive activities.

At noon on January 2nd, students gathered at two classrooms, shared their study experiences and difficulties with their team and tried to find solutions.

At the same time, all the fourth grade homeroom teachers and teachers from Chinese, Math and English Department joined in on the students’ discussion, and added their own suggestions to the mix.

Students shared their valuable experience with each other without any reservations. Some students mentioned the importance of taking notes, carefully reading questions during the exam, or asking questions if they didn’t know an answer and much more.

Through this meeting, not only did teachers and students deepen their friendships, but they also made excellent progress that everyone involved, both students and teachers, could be proud of.