BRS Second International Debate Competition

The BRS Second International Debate Competition was successfully heldin the Main Auditorium at 4:30 pm on December 6th, 2017.

It was hosted by the BRS Student Association UnionBRS Debate Club. After one month and a half, the BRS Second International Debate Competitioneventually came to a final round, after a fierce competitionof two knockouts,one quarter-final and one semi-final.

The final round adopted an American format. The topic was “The benefits of using artificial intelligence outweigh the harm”. The host was Hou Xinyu,the timekeeper was Han Hongfei. Thedebaters were Xu Yannuo,Zhang Chonghao,Jiang Chixi, and Zhou Yancheng. The Simultaneous interpreters were Wang Mianchen and Zhao Peng.

After fierce competition, Xu Yannuo and Zhang Chonghao, from the pro side, won the championship.Jiang Chixi and Zhou Yancheng from the con side won second place. Jiang Chixiwas awarded the title of Best Debater.

In addition, the debate teams who got into the Top 8 ranks from previous competitions accepted awards as well. Jia Chenyu and Peng Tianshi were awarded third place.Wang Ruofan and Hua Xiaoyi obtained the Spirit of Contribution Award.Debaters who also got into the Top 8 ranks were Qi Ruohan, Wang Louwei, Du Weiyun, Li Yuze, Zhu Naiqian, and Zhang Yufan.

Debate is not only a game, but it is a youthful place where you can see wisdom and enjoy the fruits of victory. In debate, there are no failures, only the heroes of the curtain call! Congratulations to the perfect ending of BRS Second International Debate Competition.