Singing Can Make You Fly High – A Letter From Lu Zhishan’s Parent

Music can bring relaxation when you are busy, bring comfort when you are down, and bring enjoyment when you are alone.

Our family has four members: Dad, mom, Shanshan and Chuanchuan. Our life is full of artistic songs that we enjoy,  and music is part of our life. I remember when Shanshan was five years old, I brought him to a concert that was only in the Mongolian Language. One song made him cry and he told me chokingly, “this is the sound of someone missing his mom”.  We can see music has no national boundaries.

After he began studying at BRFLS, he started to use the ABRSM piano teaching materials and has reached level 4. BRFLS also hired many professional piano teachers, so that children can focus on learning piano in school and improve their learning efficiency. My child tells me every day what he has learned and whether or not he is playing piano well. Therefore, I feel relieved.

Every child loves music, and that is why we need a land of happiness for children to learn music. The chorus created by Teacher Yang, teacher Wang and Teacher Gao teaches children from an all-around perspectives The teachers not only give them very high standard trainings  three times a week, they also bring the children of chorus to visit museums, listen to concerts, and participate in international competitions. Although sometimes the rehearsals are boring and toilsome,  Shanshan and the other students still love singing.

The show time of “BRFLS Colorful Chorus” was shiny and stunning. At first, Shanshan hesitated and did not know which interest class to choose from the many options. (Do Americans use “interest classes”? if not, which phrase is better? However, when Teacher Yang told them in a very firm voice that not only would she make them famous in Beijing, she also wanted them to perform on the international stage! I believe that if you can think as high as the clouds, your world will become like that. Teachers used their free time to tutor students who had zero background in singing, and also they assigned weekly homework to them and clearly pointed out their problems. Therefore, within just a short semester, students achieved astonishing progress.

Children’s progress is not only reflected from their musical attainment, their personal accomplishment has also been greatly improved. For example, they speak in a very low voice in public places and have a very becoming behavior in front of others. Therefore, we feel relieved.

Teachers’ messages:
Teacher Yang Jia: Lu Zhishan, the teacher is very pleased to see what you look like now. You play piano well, you are the deputy head of chorus, and your English is also pretty good. Learning music means you have to endure hardships. However, you can find the fun on the road of learning. We wish you to ride the wings of singing and to soar in the hall of music.

Teacher Gao Ji: You are a sunny, handsome, talented, and hard-working boy. You are very good at studying art . We can always see you dancing, singing or giving a speech, and that’s why we give you a thumbs-up. If talent is God’s gift to you, then hard-working attitude is your magic weapon to a higher level. May you keep the diligence and enthusiasm to go further on the journey of music, and have a happy life!