Let Your PiPa Dream Fly High – A Letter From Wang Xinyao’s Parent

Music is a common language that does not have any boundaries between countries. No matter learning how to play one instrument or learning how to sing songs well, the most fundamental aspect is that we hope students can feel the love, beauty and kindness in music, and be good at conveying their feelings through music.

Below is a letter from a parent of a BRFLS student, who is studying Pipa at BRFLS. Let us hear what her mom says about her.

Two years ago, my daughter suddenly brought up the idea of learning Pipa. Although we felt a little bit surprised, we wanted to respect her choice but also asked her to think it over clearly to make sure she would not quit. She gave us a firm confirmation and began her journey of learning to play the Pipa.

My husband and I had some concerns at the very beginning, because we did not have any musical background. We were worried that she could not learn it well and would become frustrated.

Under Teacher Cai Yanni’s instruction, my daughter began finger practicing, and studying music theory. Eventually, she could play complete songs, take the grading test, and participate in competitions. Her continuous progress made me feel surprised but gratified. We could not believe she achieved such a wonderful result in two short years! Without the teaching from the expert and her own effort, she would not have obtained two gold awards on the international stage in the 11th International Youth Art Festival.

I really respect Teacher Cai’s patience and responsibility. She gives each student an appropriate study plan according to their level. She is always with her students to encourage and cheer for them in every competition. I remember one hot day last summer, when she waited a whole afternoon outside of the examination room to accompany students to finish the grading test. As a parent, I feel very safe in my heart because we truly trust Teacher Cai due to her devotion and dedication to work. Therefore, we believe my daughter can achieve good scores with professional training.

Words from Ms.Cai:
Wang Xinyao has big, clever eyes and looks a little bit exotic. I think she has a strong heart and two industrious hands. She is the top student in class, and never stops practicing Pipa. On holidays, she prefers staying at home to enjoy the beauty of music. I hope she and my other students can become good friends with the Pipa and realize their dream of art.


Her mom always accompanies her


The certificate and the trophy of International Art Festival

A warm family