A Letter From Sha Yanzi’s Parents

During the performance of the 2017 New Year Festival of BRFLS,  my eyes were following the little girl on the center of the stage. As she and a group of other students chanted classic Chinese poetry, she did not look like a tom boy at all during the performance as usual. Instead, she was in the beautiful melody of poetry.  She was so cute because all of her actions reflected the beautiful and graceful girl in ancient Chinese time.

One minute on stage takes ten years to practice. Within less than one month, she greatly understood and mastered this show.  I could feel her passion and eagerness on stage, as well as the cadence and deep feeling in the poem. I saw her progress every day.

During the preparation of this poem, the vocal music competition also got started. I was hesitating whether or not I should sign up for her, because solo singing was a big challenge for her. However, my child spent a lot of time practicing with Teacher Gao. Thanks to Teacher Gao’s encouragement and excellent teaching, she won the third prize in the final competition. Hence, she liked Teacher Gao more and made a gift card to her on women’s day to express her gratitude and love.


She started to practice playing piano when she was five. I just hope that she can do what she likes and enjoy playing piano rather than forcing her to play well.  Teacher Zhao is a great teacher who teaches her in a high standard but also makes her become interested in piano. We really appreciate Teacher Zhao for what she has done for our daughter, as she is very confident playing piano now! BRFLS is like a huge flower garden with many different kinds of arts for children to play. No wonder she began loving this school immediately!

Words from two music teachers:

Yanzi has a strong ability of reading stave and controlling the rhythm. She can feel the melody pretty accurately during her piano playing. From talking with her, I got to know that she is learning many arts such as dance, vocal music and more. We all like her elegant temperament and hope that she continues playing piano to welcome the beautiful tomorrow!