The Parents’ Meeting of Grade One at BRFLS

‘Carrying my school bag, I want to go to school, I love to learn and I love to work, I will not be late every day!’ In the morning, the most gratifying thing is the children saying hello to the teachers and securities and waving their little hands to goodbye to their parents in front of the school gate.

On September 30th, the school held a parents’ meeting for grade 3~6 parents. The parents did a face-to-face communication with all subjects’ teachers, so that the parents would know their children’s school life in BRFLS.

The teachers in Chinese, Math and English subject prepared everything for the parents, as they talked about the teaching content of all subjects. They also told the parents how to cooperate with the teachers and students, in order to cultivate children’s good study habits.

The teacher told the parents about all the details and feedback in children’s school life. Good habits are very important during their school life, and we believe that there are always both good and bad sides of them. We should praise them when they show the good habit, and we should encourage them when they show the bad habit. We hope the children become better and better under the cooperation of parents and teachers.