A Birthday Party for Staff in September

At noon on September 28th, BRFLS held a birthday party for staff who were born in September. It was not a grand ceremony, but it was full of happiness. Monthly birthday parties have become BRFLS’ tradition, as they bring happiness to the all staff in BRFLS.

The teachers who were born in September are: Yuan WANG, TuYa WULAN, LiuLingZi LIU, MengQi ZHANG, LongYang GUO, Kai SU, Li Dan, ShuJie WANG, ChuanQing CHENG, JingRu JING, HongChao XU, and Nicole. President WenRu REN also attended the birthday party, and wished all of them happy birthday and good health. Also the union chairman teacher RongPing ME arranged a birthday dinner, prepared a birthday cake for them, and gave them a birthday gift.

Scientific and effective management makes the group of the BRFLS teachers grow. It not only helps the growth and experience of the faculty, but also lets them feel the warmth of the school. We hope BRFLS will become stronger and stronger.