“A Teacher, an Excellent Class” Activitiy Creates Wonderful Classes

To improve teaching, curriculum standards, professional development, and parental satisfaction, BRFLS carried out “A teacher, an excellent class” activity.

The “A teacher, an excellent class” activity will run through this school year, and all the teachers will participate to have a demonstration lesson.

Assessment of the lesson is very important. All teachers need to put forward the advantages and disadvantages of their lesson. Feedback is very helpful for all the teachers!
On the afternoon of October 11, the first section of the ‘a teacher, an excellent class’ activity started from teacher Liu HongMei.
In this lesson, the teaching content was about the food and drinks from grade five English subject. Teacher Liu HongMei assumed a situation about ‘my dream is to open a supermarket’ as the starting point in the teaching session, in order to lead the students to expand their imagination and to start the word, grammar and listening part of the lesson.
After the end of the course, all the teachers spoke out their own experience and ideas for this lesson in turns, and they put forward some suggestions.

Gather all the wisdom, to gain the fine lesson. Later, those wonderful classes and the evaluation of the classes will be continued in the BRFLS, we hope the teachers in BRFLS will be stronger and stronger.