Enjoy the BRFLS Life and Look Forward To the Future

On October 23, the BRFLS teachers participated in ‘2016 Tencent International Education Exhibition’ and helpedparents to choose the right school.

Many parents stopped at the BRFLS’ exhibition booth and asked about choosing the right school for their children. They asked about teaching life management, and overseas studying. BRFLS teachers answered all the questions carefully, and kept their information for future communication.

Choosing a good school for children was always a wish of a parent, and it is a complex problem that involves various considerations and details. BRFLS provides a “one-stop” service from kindergarten to high school. The teachers in BRFLS made us proud, and they are enthusiastic, experienced, and professional. Also BRFLS focuses on students’ interest as a starting point and inspires students to study spontaneously.

If you want to know more about the BRFLS, we highly welcome your visit to our school, and feel the place for the children to study and live in the near future. Welcome!