Training for “Colorful Dream” Chorus Teachers

During 19th – 21st of October, teacher Yang Jia and teacher Cai YaNi from BRFLS ‘colorful dream’ chorus participated in the ‘Kodaly teaching method in chorus and conductor training’ which was held by Beijing Children’s Palace of Fengtai district.

The trainer was Dr. Arpad Tote, and he is not only a doctor of literature and art, but also the famous expert of Kodaly teaching method. He has obtained the doctor’s degree of the art (DLA), master’s degree of field nebula, master’s degree in music education and master’s degree in music teaching method in Franz Liszt Academy of Music.

BRFLS chorus is a growing team, and it includes grade three, four, five students as the backbone, and grade one and two students as assistants. Under the leadership of music teachers, the chorus rehearsed a lot of beautiful songs, such as ‘Sky City’, ‘Let us swing the sculls’, ‘Singing and smiling’, ‘Hello to All The Children of The World’ and so on. Also the chorus made many performances and participated in many activities.

In September this year, BRFLS chorus officially changed its name to the ‘colorful dream’ chorus. Now it has 61 members, under the leadership of the expert teacher Zhang Lin and teacher Yang Jia, Cai Yan’ni and Wang Xiaokun. Students made a good development on their vocals. As same as the students, the teachers need a life-long learning to improve their ability and professionalism.

The training brought together the elites in music education around the Fengtai District, and we watched lots of excellent performance during the training process. Followed by Dr. Tote’s Kodaly teaching method, we had a taste of the Hungarian local choral music educational enlightenment. I think in the near future, the ‘colorful dream’ chorus will become better and better!