BRFLS Introduced the K-12 Artistic Accomplishment and Creativity Course

In July 2016, BRFLS officially signed the contract with American Pearson Education to introduce the United States K-12 art and creativity curriculum system. As the first international school to introduce the K-12 course in Beijing, it aimed to stimulate the students’ artistic inspiration and enhance their ability to express artistic language, and to train their critical thinking and creative thinking effectively. Therefore, the course will bring a better way for students to face their future life and work.


Scott Foresman Art ‘The K-12 Artistic Accomplishment and Creativity Course’ is a high quality ‘art literacy and creativity’ training material produced by Pearson Group, which is widely used in US primary and secondary schools to help teachers develop students’ potential. It also helps teachers detect learning results, so that it can increase efficiency in teaching. We completed the K12 course teaching and training during the holidays.

The ‘The K-12 Artistic Accomplishment and Creativity Course’ began in September. Teachers prepared each lesson together before the class, and they discussed the course details all the time, in order to increase the efficiency of teaching.


Now let’s take a look at the student’s masterpieces together.