61 Students Passed the Art Grading Test

The art grading test is an important part of art education and artistic evaluation in society. It gives an evaluation to each participant through a scientific process using unified criteria. The purpose of this grading is to popularize social art education and to improve the quality of artists.

On October 30th, the 2016 National Art Examination in the fall season was held at Beijing Wangfu School. There were a total of 61 students participating in this examination. Our students hoped to take this opportunity to improve themselves after finding out their study results.

Today, the good news came! The 61 students of BRFLS all passed the grading test with excellent scores. On the flag-raising ceremony of February 27, BRFLS leaders awarded certificates to these 61 students.
Big red certificates, and bright sunshine, with children’s happy and proud smiles, are the best rewards for their hard work in art classes.