A Letter from Wang ShiYu’s Parents

On October 10th, 2016, my daughter joined the Young Pioneers. It is a very exciting time. I want to thank the President of BRFLS RenWenRu, my daughter’s homeroom teacher Li MingYan, and all of her other teachers.

Now my daughter can participate in the ceremony for Young Pioneers. I feel like it was the right decision to send my daughter to BRFLS.

The children love interest class. My daughter chose the Lingzi Zither Club. She always tells us how she loves to play the zither. She started her first zither lessons at BRFLS, and now she can do a perfect performance. I want to say thank you to all of the teachers. Principal Ren WenRu pays a lot of attention to the interest class and wants the students to enjoy the classes.

A good president can run a school, and a good teacher can lead a group of students. I am so appreciative of the school and all of the teachers. I believe my daughter works had and will be successful in all of her classes. I hope that the BRFLS students will continue to progress.