Grow up in BRFLS- A Letter From 1(7) Huang Ziyuan’s Parents

Huang Zixuan in Grade 1, class 7 of BRFLS, has a good personality and gets along with his classmates very well. It is hard to imagine he has only been here less than two weeks every time we see his sunny smile.
His hometown is Guang Zhou. Studying in BRFLS means that he has to live in school even on the weekends, and his parents have to commute between these two faraway cities. He can only see his parents once every month, but his independence and persistence deeply touch the other students.
What is more impressive is that we received a letter from his mom when she was waiting for her plane in the airport. Every word between the lines is full of the feelings of her love and longing for her child. We believe that the trust and caring from Ziyuan’s mom must be repaid because we as teachers are willing to work together with children’s parents to care for them.

Ms. Wei is telling stories to the students
In 2017, after careful consideration and comparison, we decided to send our child to BRFLS to study. We believe this is the best school for our child even though Beijing is several thousand miles away from Guang Zhou.
On Sunday afternoon, I sent Ziyuan to school and had to catch the airplane back to Guang Zhou later that day. I already told him that I can only come to visit him once every month and he understood it. Before I left, I gave him my picture and told him to look at it whenever he misses me. I know I really love him and it was really hard to say goodbye to him.
Ziyuan loves reading
Ms. Wei, our homeroom teacher told me that Ziyuan is a little man because he is independent and mature. For example, he encouraged other students who missed their moms not to cry, and played with them. Another thing I still remember very clearly is that he was very calm when we came to BRFLS from GuangZhou for the first time.

Now Ziyuan is not particular about food anymore.
Although we could not see each other very often, we keep in touch by telephone every day. There were some dramatic changes that happened to him even though he was here less than a week:
1. Now, he can eat himself and is not particular about food anymore. Before that, we have to feed him.
2. Before, he would cry if he did not get what he wanted. Now, he will ask for our opinions and he pays attention to where he is when he is speaking.
3. I am mostly happy that he is developing a good habit of sleeping early and getting up early.

Ziyuan’s artwork in art class

I want to thank the teachers for their love, patience and carefulness. Also, I want to thank the children of Grade one, class seven for their companionship. I believe he can quickly grow strong here at BRFLS.
Ziyuan attends the flag-raising ceremony for the first time.

In English class, Ziyuan actively talks with the foreign teacher.

We are a happy big family and we love each other very much.