A Letter from YiJia LIU’s Mother

Autumn seemed to have come earlier this year. The harvest makes us happy.
This is a good description for the students in grade one.

This autumn is a new start for the students and a season of giving! Thank you teachers for your hard work and patience!
Dear teachers, I want to say that you have worked very hard! I hope you continue to give us support in this next semester!

Fortunately, I chose BRFLS, and the school provides good teachers for the students. As a parent, this makes me very happy.

Looking back on this year, the time has flown! I remember when the teacher had make up lessons for students who missed during night classes.

I am moved to tears when I think back on those times. Those moments were simple, and I could see how kind the teachers are. Sometimes, they would come to school early. Every time I walk into the school, I notice the students’ happy life on the big screen. It is a great welcome to the parents to see how happy their children are.

The solemn Confuciusstatue is located in front of the school building in the square. The campus is full of Chinese traditional culture.

This may be a reflection of the Chinese and Western philosophy of education. In addition to learning the western theories of education, we still need to keep our Chinese traditional culture of education. So once again, I am so happy I chose BRFLS for my child!

The playground is the students’ favorite place. They can enjoy their free time on the green grass, run, jump, or look up at they sky while they lie down. I want to say thank you to the school for providing such excellent resources and facilities for the students.

The school brings me much joy, and I can rest easy knowing my daughter is being well taken care of at her school. I may not be able to express myself through words, but I can see and feel all of the happiness.

As parents, we mean a lot to our children. I hope to always have a close relationship with my child.