A Sidelight of Education Department

No pain, no gain. During the summer holiday, the teachers from the education department worked at the school, as they wanted to prepare for the new semester. They worked on the class schedules; they developed the attendance system and management system, and they followed up some special cases.

On September 2nd, the BRFLS held a course coordination meeting to determine the time and the courses. The teachers also participated in a training program in order to guide the parents to the right selection.

The 3rd and 4th of September was a weekend, and it was also the Open day for the parents to choose the courses for students. Teacher ShaoJu Tang had a backache on that day, but she still tried her best to help the parents to choose the elective courses. More than 600 students successfully completed the course under her help. She would make a form according to the parents’ selection from today. She also needed to distribute, develop, and complete the application forms to ensure all the classes can start at the right time.

The new semester is a new start. We got everything ready for the BRFLS’ students. We hope they are not only having a wonderful school life, but also a nice after school life!