The Most Beautiful Sound Comes from “The Colorful Dream” Chorus—A Letter from 3(6) Guo Zixuan’s Parents

My daughter was a member of “Beijing Golden Sail Art Ensemble, which is a very famous chorus in Beijing. Leaving her old school meant that she had to give up her membership in that group, which made her feel very sad. However when we learned that BRFLS also had a professional chorus, we were so excited!

My daughter Zixuan joined the BRFLS chorus in 2015. Because she is a very shy girl, she took one year to get used to her new environment. I am so grateful that the teachers provided so much help for her. In 2016, the chorus was renamed “The Colorful Dream” by the school leaders.

Teachers of the chorus are very thoughtful. They have a WeChat group for parents to let them know their child’s progress. Since I follow the WeChat group, I have found that I had more topics in common than before. Being apart of a team has taught her how to get along well with others.

My daughter’s transformation surprised me. She progressed tremendously with vocal singing and social skills. I feel grateful for the teachers’ selfless devotion.

I believe the Colorful Dream Chorus can become better and better. However, I have some suggestions from the perspective of a parent.

Teaching what the children are interested will aid in the their motivation to learn. Children like to spend more time on what interests them. So it is important to try and interests the children in vocal singing so they can improve. It is also good to give children the opportunity to show off their abilities through school events, which would increase their passion for singing.

Broadening horizons and creating activities: children a chorus should be open-minded and creative. Watching a world-class performance would help them to improve their skills, and also increase their arts appreciation. A longtime cooperation with the National Theatre would be beneficial for the school and students.

Chorus is a type of art, so it can be combined with other types of art, such as a drama. This creative way to present art would stimulate the children’s’ interest in music composition and encourage them to express themselves through creating art.

Practice makes perfect: I hope the chorus can have more opportunities to participate in off campus competitions, such as the Music Festival around the World. This will not only enrich their experience, but also show them their potential.

Role models: The teacher’s main job is to teach content, but their behavior also has a big influence on the students. For example, at the National Theater, the students all wore suits and nice dresses because the teachers showed them what was appropriate to wear. The teachers set a good example for the students in the ways of how to look professional and how to behave.

It is well known that developing a specialty in an art is difficult. However, making a well-trained person is even more difficult. I feel grateful to the teachers at BRFLS because I see my child making progress everyday. I hope that we can strengthen the relationship between home and school in the future. The chorus will only continue to get better and better!