A Letter From Class 2(4) Meng Jingcheng’s Parents

Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, develop children’s potential in consistent with their interests.

Dear BRFLS leaders and teachers,
I would like to give my sincere gratitude to BRFLS by this letter.

For the past year, my child progressed a lot. He learned how to help others and became more independent by living with a group at the school environment.

For the parents, that our children achieving a bright future through quality education is a significant issue. Parents, however, cannot be with their children all the time and thus requires an educator who can positively influence the children.

For children’s development, family environment, school, and society create opportunities for children’s learning.. At school, teachers are the one who provide opportunities for students thinking.. During this process, children’s interest points are likely to be found out. Then educators will teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

According to my child’s life in BRFLS, I found many advantages which students can get benefits from. Here I listed three aspects that impressed me.

1. On the aspect of teaching: developing children’s potential in consistence with their interests. BRFLS respects every student’s individual development. For example, children have the right to choose their own interest class, which is an effective way to improve children’s learning motivation.

2. On the aspect of pedagogy: teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. In BRFLS, every student is a good student. This school broke the traditional way of education. Teachers stry their best to encourage students in order to make them learn actively.

3. On the aspect of daily life: for boarding students in BRFLS, their parents feel assured to let their children live at school. The dorm teachers and homeroom teachers care for students as if they were their own children. I feel grateful for this.

At last, I would like to give my sincere gratitude to every leader and teacher in BRFLS. And I do believe this school will develop better and better.