A New Start from Autumn, a New Sail from Now on—a Letter from 2(5) Sun Weiwei’ s Parent

Every time I walk in Beijing Royal School, I feel like I have entered a picturesque painting, a painting with fresh air, green fields, leafy trees, lovely teachers and dignified Confucius status. I feel proud and happy that my child attends this school. The new uniforms the students received today reinforce my happiness.

In order to remind students they attend an international school, BRFLS gave students new school uniforms.

Last semester, BRFLS invited the representatives of parents and students to have a meeting choose new uniforms for the students. After voting, a proposal that broke the traditional rules won out. This plan included a set of uniforms which are suitable for every season of the year. I believe this new plan has improved the uniforms of the students.

Seeing the students enjoying school made me feel happy and thankful.

A school’s uniforms are the mirror of its culture. The new uniforms not only accommodate for the various seasons, but they can also be used for various occasions. The care BRFLS shows for the students’ uniforms shows that it is a foreign language school with high standards.

Walking around the silent BRS campus at night allows me to think freely. The students are already asleep, yet they will get up tomorrow to drink the water of knowledge. Western ideas and Eastern cultures meet in this school, advanced teaching technique and reformed teaching methods come together on this campus, and an adventurous and bright future is waiting for BRFLS. The students are lucky to attend a school with such rich educational resources!

Looking back the accomplishment we have achieved, credit must be given to a group of wise leaders in BRS. Every morning, the executive principal of BRFLS, Ms. Ren Wenru, welcomes our lovely students at the front gate of school with her warm smile and hugs. Her heartfelt love touches the heart of every parent, so she has become a role model for both parents and teachers. The home-room teacher of 2(5), Ms. Li Mingyan, is one of them. Like principal Ren, Ms. Li has also devoted herself to the education career. She knows teaching is not just a job, it is a huge responsibility.

With the brand new uniforms, BRFLS students look nice and smart. There is no doubt that students in this school will become fully-developed intellectual elites who are risk-takers with social responsibility! Thanks to General Principal Mr. Wang Guangfa for giving all the students and teachers a good platform to achieve their full potentials!