A Letter From Zhang Yuezhou’s Parents

My son, Zhang Yuezhou, began studying in RFLS’s grade 1 class 8 since September, 2016. Prior to sending my son to RFLS, I was impressed by the campus tour and Principal Ren’s introduction of the school on Open Day. I already knew that my son will have a great time in RFLS.

However, in less than 2 weeks after the first semester, I was told that my son was inattentive and disturbing in his class. I knew that if my son’s misbehavior continued, he would only further develop bad habits and will negatively influence his teachers and peers. Gladly, the homeroom teacher, Zhang Jingjing, gave me plenty of feedback and resources to help my son.

Soon, BRFLS invited a child psychology professional to hold a presentation about parenting strategies for improving children’s overall behaviors. I began having a solid communication with the homeroom teacher so I can always be aware of my son’s progress in his classroom. We began giving him ample amount of encouragement and guidance, as well as, positive reinforcements and rewards to help him stay motivated throughout the academic year.

After two months, I was overwhelmed with joy when Teacher Zhang Jingjing and Wei Sufeng told me that my son has made notable academic and behavioral improvement in the classroom. Now, my son is much more amiable and respectful not only in school but also in an out-of-school environment. I want to express my gratitude towards the homeroom teachers, the life teachers, and the foreign teachers for their support.

Although it has only been a single semester for my son in BRFLS, I was able to experience the heartwarming atmosphere of the school. I strongly believe that my son can enjoy his daily school experience. Words cannot express how much I appreciate the school’s effort towards my son and the rest of the students. Thank you again.