A Letter From YaXin ZONG’s Parents

On January 17th, 3 days into the RFLS Winter Camp, I was amazed by the teachers’ caring attention towards the students through the messages, pictures, and videos which they have sent through WeChat.

During the Winter Camp, students participated in the GESE courses for their exam preparations. To ensure a positive learning environment for all learners from GESE 1 through GESE 7, RFLS offered 14 classes which were employed by Chinese-English and foreign teachers. Although my daughter was not so good at English, she found herself having more fun with the language due to the teachers’ effort of making the language more approachable to the students by integrating games and activities.

Additionally, the Winter Camp offered interest classes such as skiing, badminton, and dance in the afternoon. My daughter participated in the choir class and absolutely loved her experience. It was nice to see my daughter improving in her English and at the same time having some time to enjoy non-academic activities.

Upon one occasion, I was able to notice the school’s effective communication with the parents. Some of the parents were concerned with the fact that their children were not energetic enough in the evenings due to the scheduling of the Winter Camp. RFLS’s Winter Camp Coordinating Team, after discussing with the parents, made an adjustment to the schedule in order to accommodate for the students who needed more rest time.

I was very delighted to see my daughter’s experience during the Winter Camp and am looking forward to her experience in the upcoming semester. Especially with the staff of RFLS being considerate towards the students in all aspects, I am certain that my daughter will only find the best of her next semester.