A Letter From Sun Shengyao’s Parents


In September 2016, my son Jingyao SUN walked into grade one class four at BRFLS. It was so hard to let him go, but it brought me joy to see him start school and begin to learn.

Time flew, and before I knew it, it was time to celebrate New Year’s Day 2017. They had been in school for exactly one hundred and twenty days. I am so thankful for the BRFLS teacher for caring for the children. I could see how the children had progressed mentally and physically from the beginning of the year. This made me very happy and I am so grateful.

Teacher LV, Teacher DU, and Teacher LIU work together to help the children in mathematics, Chinese, English, and general subjects. The dorm teacher, Teacher SONG, works very hard to assist the children during meals, bathing, dressing, and rest time. Now that the weather is cold, she is working especially hard to ensure the children stay healthy. She goes above and beyond to make sure the children feel at home at BRFLS. I am so thankful for all of these teachers.

During the first grade performance of, “The Voice of Flowers,” we took notice of the head teacher, LV. She looked after the children with genuine care and concern. When I saw her with the children I said to my husband, “The children look like a family! And Teacher LV is so kind to them.” My husband and I were so happy to see this.

At the BRFLS’ New Year’s Day Party, President GuangFa WANG made a wonderful speech to welcome all of the parents and children and to give his blessing for the New Year. One of President WANG’s passions is education. He believes that education is one of the most important things for a country. He also believes that young people are the future. He loves to spend time with the children, and even eats dinner with them in the canteen. We idolize President WANG’s teaching philosophy, which is why we sent our children to BRFLS.

We want to say thank you to BRFLS, President WANG, and all of the teachers. They go above and beyond to ensure our children receive the best education and are well cared for. Thank you so much!

Teacher LV, Teacher DU and Teacher LIU are working together to help the children on the course of mathematics, Chinese, English and general subjects. Teacher SONG is Dorm teacher, she works very hard. She needs assistance the children on eating, bathing, dressing, sleeping. Now the weather is cold, she is worrying about children might kicking the quilt at night, we can imagine Teacher SONG is busy all day. We really want to say thank you to her. It makes the children feel just like home.

On December 2nd, our family went to the first hundred day celebration of the first grade children – “the voice of flowers”, and we watched the children work hard and cooperate with each other. When we see the head teacher LV took the children through the gate to the hall, I said to my husband: “See, they look like a family. She is so soft、warm and responsible. This leaves us relieved.” My husband agrees with me.

At 9:00 on December 30th, it’s the BRFLS’ New Year’s Day party. President GuangFa WANG made a great speech to welcome all the parents and children, also he send New Year blessings to everyone. President WANG loves education, he believes that education is one of the most important things for a country, he also believes that young people is the hope and the host of the country. He always has dinner with the children in the canteen, he likes to spend time with children, and we all called him “brother Fa”. Of course, we like the brother Fa’s Learning concept, which is why we send our children to the BRFLS.

We want say thank you to the BRFLS, the President WANG and the teachers. They give out their love to the children and teach them to enrich the knowledge and cultivate their good habits, good character and integrity, thank you so much!