A Letter From the Parents of YiYi XU

When YiYi was in kindergarten, we took a special artistic photo of her playing the piano. One day, her friends came home to play with her, and they saw the photos on the wall, they asked me to take her to take a piano lesson. After discussing with her, I thought that perhaps it was a good opportunity for her, so we were invited to take to a piano lesson.

During the Class, YiYi was very conscientious, and she was very happy to learn it. I think she started to like playing the piano. But during the break, the two children went to the Guzheng classroom. I saw she touched the strings of Guzheng and looked up me, saying: “Mom, it sounds nice! I love it!” So, Yiyi started to learn guzheng.

To my relief, BRFLS has Guzheng class. YiYI has joined LingZiGuzheng Association, and Teacher Qiao is very nice.

She is very strict on teaching. She also asked the children to write down what they gain from the classes. It can help them to find their strengths and weaknesses easily.

Time goes fast, and now YiYi is already a grade 2 student of BRFLS, and she has made great improvement on both  studying and playing GuZhang.

Recently,Lingzi Guzheng association participated in the Beijing youth China eighth art contest, and the song《The laugh from the sea》 won the group award honors. I was very happy about it. We want to say thank you to Teacher Xiao.

This competition has set up a lot of confidence for the children. Now YiYi loves guzheng more and more, she practices Guzheng every weekend when she is back home instead of watching TV. We all enjoy it.